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Apocalymon is the main and final antagonist of Digimon Adventure. He is a Mega Digimon.


The main portion of his physical form is that of a massive, dark pentahedron, with various protrusions coming off from the core. At the top stands a form that allows him to communicate more directly with others. In this state, he appears vaguely humanoid, with a blue, deadened-looking torso fed into by red and blue tubes, connecting him to his main base. Apocalymon's skin appears as a dead, corpse-like blue, with his face and hair being ghostly gray and white. Over his fang-filled face, he wears a black mask that resembles a raven's head and beak, covered in designs similar to a circuit board. On his head and neck is a high-collared cape that emphasizes his his skeletal frame. And in place of normal fingers, he instead has long spidery finger which seamlessly terminate in sharpened claws.


Being the physical manifestation and conglomeration of all the Digimon who failed and died in the process of Digivolving early on in the evolution of the Digital World itself, Apocalymon is literally a force of nature. Due to this, his personality is dark, morose, and even suicidal. He loathes life itself, and wishes to bring upon the never ending suffering that defines his mere existence. He is malicious, savage, and ironically, creative. The latter can be seen in his usage of the attacks of all the dark Digimon spawned by his chaotic nature. Apocalymon's malice and hatred is so great, that his simply existing actually warped time itself in the Digital World, causing time to fall out of sync with the real world.

Digimon Adventure

In Now Apocalymon,

In The Fate of Two Worlds,


River of Power (MetalSeadramon)

Crimson Lightning (Myotismon)

Giga Cannon (Machinedramon)

Reverse Digivolve

Death Claw

Virus Grenades

Total Annihilation


  • Apocalymon's name comes from the word "apocalypse" which is synonymous with the end of the world.
  • Apocalymon's design is often speculated by fans to be based on Winslow Leech from the 1974 film Phantom of the Paradise.



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