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Hiroaki Ishida is one of supporting characters in Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02.

He is ex-husband of Nancy and father of Matt Ishida and T.K. Takaishi.


Hiroaki is a very tall man with short brown hair, narrow eyes, and an often disheveled appearance due to his preoccupation with his job.


Hiroaki is a seasoned newsman who is extremely dedicated to his job, often braving dangerous circumstances in order to bring strange phenomena to light. However, this dedication to his job causes him to come off as a chronic workaholic, and has been known to go for several years at a time without any vacation time.

He is quite calm and unflappable, able to piece together several unprecedented events without difficulty, displaying a logical mindset. This could be seen when he casually told Matt to stay with Gabumon during Myotismon's invasion of Odaiba despite his son presuming his father's ignorance of Digimon even existing.

Hiroaki is also quite supportive of his sons despite his divorce from their mother, as he was willing to let his sons return to the Digital World in Season 1 despite the dangers they were likely to face. This could be seen again in Season 2 to assist their efforts in bringing down Ken Ichijouji's reign as the Digimon Emperor by serving as the chaperone for a camping trip which he knew was merely a front for allowing TK's Digidestined team to spend an extended journey in the Digital world without raising suspicion from the parents of his teammates. And once more, his dedication to his son was witnessed in his using his connections and skills as a reporter in investigating the involvement of Yukio Oikawa in the invasion of Digimon across the globe along with the abduction of several children in Japan.

He is a rather respectful man, as he trusted his sons enough to go along with their plans when it came to protecting the world. And he is also wise enough to know when to back down from challenging others.

Hiroaki is also a smoker, most likely due to the stress of his job. His lighter, ashtray, and other paraphernalia can be seen in his living room.

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  • He is known to struggle with immense stress. He often deals with this in various ways, such as smoking or listening to relaxation tapes.



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