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Maki Himekawa is a new character in Digimon Adventure tri..

She was one of the original DigiDestined before the Main Characters of Digimon Adventure. She was the partner to a Tapirmon.


Throughout her appearances, Maki has been depicted with short brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. As an adult, she often wears black business attire consisting of a black skirt, stockings, high-heeled shoes, and a black jacket over a gray shirt.


A woman with a mission, Maki is cold, focused, and professional. This causes her to come into conflict with her ex-boyfriend and co-worker, Daigo Nishijima. Her decisions are based around doing her job effectively while hiding her own personal agenda. Due to the trauma she faced from the loss of her Digimon partner as a child, she is extremely driven to reunite with him, as she never fully accepted the tragedy. In her pursuit of her goal, she becomes a tool for King Drasil and Dark Gennai, showing uncharacteristic naivety.

As a government agent, Maki is accustomed to omitting information and even outright lying to people, even her successors as the Digidestined, much to the outrage and disgust of Daigo.

Her obsession with reuniting with her Digimon partner Tapirmon led her to conspire to reboot the entire Digital World through the machinations of King Drasil. When her old partner did not recognize or accept her, Maki was shown to be unhinged and insane, unable to reconcile how her ambitions could have gone so wrong.

In her youth, Maki appeared to be a spirited and happy girl. Tragically, the person that she was died along with her partner upon the beach.

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  • She was the first to be possessed by Homeostasis before Kari.
  • She was the first DigiDestined to lose her partner.



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