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Meicoomon is new Digimon of Digimon Adventure tri..


Meicoomon resembles a feral cat-like creature. She has two scarf-like hairs and her irises of her eyes resemble plus-signs.

When she mutated, she resembled a much fiercer version of herself. Her claws are longer, her fur is shaggier, and she has shining eyes.


Meicoomon's personality is essentially quite peaceful, adventurous, and at times, anxious. She is playful, often toying around with whatever or whoever happens to be close by, much like a real-life kitten. She is quite empathetic, as she worries over her human partner, Meiko.

However, due to her nature as the vessel for the last shard of Apocalymon's dark data, she is incredibly unstable. Because of her darker nature, she requires Meiko's presence to stabilize her. When separated from Meiko for too long, she becomes violent, feral, and downright psychotic. Meicoomon's separation anxiety upon arriving in the rebooted Digital World caused her to lose touch with reality, believing that Meiko had deliberately abandoned her there, and in turn lashed out with barely restrained fury. The longer she remained in this berserk state, the more violent and powerful she would become, unable to tell the difference between her friends and her enemies.

This progressively caused her link with Meiko to fray and deteriorate over time. It came to a point where Meiko's presence was rendered utterly ineffective at stabilizing Meicoomon's berserker rages.

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  • She and Gatomon share several common traits:
    • They remain in Champion form when not fighting..
    • They are both cat Digimon.
    • They both have had rather dark pasts, with Gatomon having been a slave to Myotismon, and Meicoomon having been the vessel for Apocalymon's reincarnated data.
  • She is known as Libra.



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