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Nancy Takaishi is ex-wife of Hiroaki Ishida and mother of Matt Ishida and T.K. Takaishi.


Nancy Takaishi is a woman of below average height and half-Japanese and half-French ethnicity. Her defining physical traits are her dark-blonde hair and blue eyes, which she inherited from her father, Michel.


Though far less interested in seeing her children on the front lines of the conflict between the human world and the Digital World, she is still supportive and understanding. This can be seen in her use of her skills and connections as a journalist to assist her sons and their friends in their pursuit of the rogue Digidestined and interdimensional terrorist, Yukio Oikawa. Unlike her ex-husband, she is far less composed upon her initial exposure to the Digimon, though she comes to accept them in due time. She has a close relationship with her youngest son, T.K., while her relationship with Matt is strained for the most part due the aftermath of her and Hiroaki's divorce.

She is a good judge of character, as she was visibly unsettled by Yukio Oikawa during his possession by Myotismon. This lends credence towards her career as a newspaper reporter.

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  • Like her sons, she is of mixed ethnicity, being French through her father, Michel, while her mother is implied to be Japanese based on her father's married name.



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